The Emptiness in Me~

Even though my friends are right beside me
I could never fit in with them
Even though we laugh and cry together
I couldn't help letting loneliness get the best of me
As in my heart there is a hole
A hole that could not be closed no matter how hard I tried

It was that hole made feel empty in my life
I was become bored with the world
Dark thoughts clouded my mind~

Even though I enjoyed my life like others did
But my thoughts differentiate me from the others
Even though my life was already perfect
I was yearning for more~

Those hopes seed a disappointment in me
In those times
I could already seen how the world move
It really is like a wheel
But, because of that
I already can predict the road of my life

Even I enjoy my life
WHat fun it be when you can predict how your life goes on
and how this bleak life ends
Those thought haunt me everyday in my life

God, forgive me for behaving this way
For I am not strong enough to pass your tests~
All I ask is to show me a way
So that the hole can be closed forever~

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