FeeLinGs cAn'T be unDerstood...?

DOes sOmeone in your life ever told you that feelings can't be understood if you don't put them into words?? If u did, trust them! Cause its damn true! Well, it smacked me so many times every time I thought those phrase... Talk about past experience. Believe me, I'm regreting it until now because I never express my feelings. Now, it doesn't matter anymore...

There's like this girl in my class and I have to say she wasn't like any other girls I've known in my life. But, at first I knew she's totally out of my league. So, any idea of impressing her is pretty much I thought was a waste of time since she probably already so many guys hitting on her and I'm not gonna add up the number of moron chasing her. But, I don't know was it fate of whatever, I got friendly with her.

As time passed, my feelings towards her grew stronger although I didn't have the guts to tell her. But, I'm not trying to be proud of anything, but I was pretty much one of the few in her inner circle since well she usually kinda pretty quiet in class, sometimes and well usually she came to me for help or anything.

I got so worked up to try to win her heart and i have to admit, back then I became as much of idiot I didn't think I would be. I guess that's what you call love or was it something else...? Hmmm...

But, I realized someone else had reached her first. At first, I just this guy talking to her so friendly. I tried to be positive about it but, my friends had to crush it as rumor spread like wind in the class, "that's her boyfriend", my least favorite three words. But, by then, you had to face the reality no matter what.

Well, I tried to forget about it and maintain a healthy friendship with her. A year later, she got a fight with her bf, and she usually tell all about it to me, well since I'm the one insisted knowing. That, time, she brought up a dusty topic during the conversation. I wasn't totally expecting she said that. But, she admitted if I was a little sooner, she probably would've been mine... I was totally thrown back from that confession. I felt like it gave me hope to start over, but she said she wants to stay with her current bf...

[sigh]... Every night,  the thought keeps haunting me. If only I could turn back time, and go back. I wanna express her all the feelings in my heart. How much I want to scream to her, saying I LOVE YOU. But now, it doesn't matter. All I can do for her is to cheer her on. May she be happy with her bf forever.


P/s: If you life someone, you really serious about it, I say confess before it is too late. Rejection is better than regretting you never done it in the first place.

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  1. i know this girl ~ great post actually..keep writing dude..


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