MOYASHIMON Live Action Review (Jdrama)


The story follows a college student who discovers that he can see and communicate with the germs all around him — germs that appear as super-deformed characters. -- Source: Anime News Network

Ok, how do I got to know this drama? Not sure. Just happen to be starring an actor I've known. In this case, I recognize him from Kamen RIder Den-O series as Kamen Rider Zeronos or Sakurai Yuuto. Then, I tried an episode of the drama. My first impression when watching it in the beginning, "what the heck is this?", but the I continued watching it. Then, I started laughing and begin to enjoy the rest of it. Next thing I know, the episode ended. 
Gotta say, I enjoyed it through the end. But, I didn't finish the series yet. Besides, it still airing. Anyway, for those out there seeking some a kind of unique drama, trying to find some laugh while laid back on the bed or couch or whatever, this is the drama for you! Its kinda weird but cute and fun to watch. Totally recommend this to everyone that enjoys Jdrama and anime.

Off the record, I did not give you the link for those who want to download the series!!

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