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Wonder what it's like fighting off for a girl you're madly obsessed with? Wait, let me rephrase that. What its like to fight off 7 evil ex-es with rediculous abilities for a girl??! Yeah, I'm talkin bout Scott Pilgrim Vs The World!! The only movie you gonna see a fighting seen like a video game. Seriously, who have seen someone defeated being turn into coin or experience points or maybe an extra life?? LOL~

For those unfamiliar with the source material, here's the core of the story. Scott Pilgrim is a young man in his early twenties. He lives in Toronto. He is perpetually unemployed, scraping by largely thanks to the goodwill of his gay roommate Wallace with whom he shares a bed in a platonic manner. He is unmotivated and self absorbed, though in a mostly charming rather than obnoxious way. He plays bass in a middling band called Sex Bob-omb and is still getting over the break up of the only serious relationship he has had in his life a year before, the girl he thought was the one ditching him when her own band became a success. To help get over this relationship he has started dating a seventeen year old, Chinese high school girl named Knives Chau. This relationship works because it is non-threatening. But then Scott meets the beautiful and aloof Ramona Flowers, a girl from New York moved to Toronto to get away from a bad relationship of her own and Scott is immediately smitten. Never mind Knives - but don't tell her about it either, because that would be too hard - Scott must have Ramona. Too bad she has a League of Seven Evil Exes who any prospective new boyfriend must fight and defeat to have a chance with her.

Totally enjoyed it. For those who likes but-kicking action with some video game mixed up and some romance, I recommend this movie for you guys~

some other who reviewed it:

"Some of us always knew playing video games was cool. Now, thanks to Scott Pilgrim, everyone else does too."

"It's a string of scenes, it's a blur of faces, it's a heaving great two-hour maelstrom of noise and punching"

"An instant zeitgeist classic and proud bearer of yet another Wright-icised genre, as undoubtedly the best King-Kong-Bob-Omb-Rom-Com you're ever likely to see."

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