A farewell to Philip~

THis is probably the first time and the only time I shed a tear for a kamen rider episode. Never expected to turn out that way. I was like OMG when watching the ep. Man, for a bad story line, it turned out to be an ok ending!

Wait! What I'm talkin about here?!Yeah, forgot the intro. Sorry bout that. Its the 48th episode of Kamen Rider W! Yeah, baBY!! Probably the only episode I gonna give 2 thumbs uP for the series. Despite a great debut, the story line seems pretty much sucks as the series continues. But, then I watched it anyway. But, I have to say, overall, I pretty much enjoyed the series~ lol.

AS the they are more closer to the final battle (I'm just to lazy to telling off the whole story here~XD), Philip n SHotaro realized that this will be their last fight together as Philip will disappear after they Henshin for the last time... So, it was a farewell after the battle ended. Sad, even though its not final episode yet. Anyway, the 49th probably just like a conclusion or whatever based on the preview~ Anyway, sayonara Philip~

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