Theory of life~

Let see... ThiNGs you COMMONLY see of hUman doINgs?~

  • USuallY, theY saw people mistakes but tell others abOut it instead of telling it to the peRson
  • OfteN  we See peoPle quarreLing, bUt we are only but watchin it??
  • PeOple reaLise thEir own mistakes, but always blame it on others?
  • PeoPle tend tO see other people's kindness as a bad thIng?
  • PeoplE saId bad thIngS about others instead of consulting them about it.
  • PeOple gapping away frOm a person because of a bad thing he/she did instead of trying to become closer to do something about it????
I'M not sUre aBout u'guys but this was basically things that I commonly seen in my own life. Do u think it happened to yours too?? HumaNs... sometimes we can't really blame others. Sometimes we can't blame ourselves. Can we try something different from the above??

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