MacBeth Play~

And so, the night of 12th May became a night for the TESL july 2009 intake performance, Macbeth Play. Seriously, it didn't really made me feel to watch the play though, but most of them are my friends so I went anyway. At the beginning, I kinda disappointed how they handled their stage and prop, but then after that, they cover it all up and it turned out to be an exciting night for me watching their performance.

I'm not so sure whether at the beginning they had problem with the curtain since they didn't close the stage with it while changing the props on the stage. Even though they shut the light off, clearly people could see them doing the works on the stage. I felt like leaving already, but when the play moved to the next scene, another class took over. And, that is when everything became more interesting. Unconsciously, I actually pretty absorbed with the story. How they act, how they play with their props. The play really did feel more like a real story!

Seriously, I be honest. I enjoyed the show thoroughly, eventhough we could see some mistakes they made, but in three month preparing the play, they also had so many other things to run. So, its amazing they could still put up a good show for everyone~ XD

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