Review #3: Singularity

It seems that the Russians are doomed to forever be the villains in American video games. The Soviet Union collapsed nearly 20 years ago and the Cold War is over, but Singularity still manages to make those dastardly commies the enemy. How you might ask? Time travel, of course!
The Good
  • Time-manipulation powers keep the action interesting  
  • Diverse set of weapons, all of which are fun to shoot  
  • Set-piece battles, boss fights, and puzzles mix up the pace  
  • Entertaining multiplayer battles. 


The Bad

  • Visuals are behind the times  
  • Scattered glitches.

Singularity isn't a groundbreaking shooter, but it's an incredibly fun one. This is an example of how fluid pacing and a tongue-in-cheek attitude can make old conventions exciting again. Disappointing visuals and a smattering of minor flaws keep this first-person shooter from feeling completely modern, but not every game must probe the human soul to achieve greatness. Singularity achieves it with variety, moving you from one enjoyable sequence to the next without lingering too long on any given moment. Besides, this is a game in which you can both snipe hardened Soviet soldiers in bullet time and heal your teammates by puking on them. And is there any greater selling point? 
-By Kevin VanOrd, GameSpot
 Self Opinion
Well, it does remind me a lot of Bioshock, not to mentioned the graphic but the style of gameplay too. Of courswe what me addicted to this game is the ability to control time. Well, not literally, but still, aging your enemies, slow down time, repair broken stairs. It's TMD, baby!
Singularity further mixes up the pace with puzzles and exploratory interludes. The puzzles aren't too taxing, but there's a certain cleverness to some of them, such as one in which you must roll a grenade through a hole in the wall toward a group of mutants feeding on their prey. You also scour nooks and crannies looking for E99 and other objects you use to upgrade your weapons and TMD. Thankfully, the dismal dinginess of outdoor environments and the glowing organic pods lining the corridors keep the scavenging interesting and keep the buzz of tension alive. Yet while the art style gives this alternate history a distinct sense of time (or times?) and place, Singularity is not a looker. It uses the Unreal 3 graphics engine, but low-resolution textures, flat lighting, and occasional animation glitches make the game look somewhat behind the times. Animation stutters aren't the only oddities we encountered, either.

Overall, Singularities offer a unique first person game experiences and it is quite enjoying following through the development of the story line through the game...

IGN gave it 7.0 out of 10, Gamespot gave it 8.0 and I'm giving it a 7.5.... 


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