10 things I love n Despise about myself!

Everyone have a part of themselves they felt grateful to have it and some parts they really do want to throw that away from them. But, its every bit of the parts whether good or bad that made us who we are. We accept it and try improvise, thus becoming a better person. Bah, no points bothering with longy text. Here we go...

10 things I love about myself:
  • A badass gamer! Be it a strategy or FPS...
  • I can draw, sketches, scribble (whatever you call that stuff)
  • I'm a pretty good listener and pretty good at keeping a secret about it
  • Have a very large pc games be it on dvd or my hard drive
  • An obsession towards tokusatsu especially Kamen Rider and some Marvel or DC heroes
  • An interest at playing guitar and still trying to develop my skill playing it
  • some good jokes that actually got my friends to laugh at
  • Religious, no matter how far I think I went astray, I always try to convince myself back to the right path...
  • Good with math and anything related to it (good not great!)
  • My mustache since I think it looked pretty good on me, or is it just me?
10 Things I despise about myself:
  • A lazy dumbass who won't go exercise no matter how hard I convince myself! Argh...
  • The inability to actually date a girl up until now... T_T
  • The stupid of mine that kept lying just to impress or make other jealous. 
  • Too scared to actually tell the truth about others
  • inability to put up words with something especially those who have been through breakups and hard day
  • low self esteem around people I'm not familiar with and over self esteem with people I'm close
  • this jealousy towards others happiness that made you wanna crush it...
  • The tendency to reject opinion of people I dislike
  • Blunt on certain situation, maybe ruining the mood of some people
  • A little understanding of a young maiden's heart
Thus, this 10s are parts of me and who I am. Can't deny the bad things can't exaggerate the good things. You know, one good thing came out when I tried to list this thing, it made me realized to try to search myself and understand more about me. It kinda teach me to appreciate myself more for what I already have in me and maybe not complaining about all the bad things I have, instead try to change it and strive to be a better person. Hey, you know what they say, if you want people to appreciate you, try to appreciate yourself first...

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