A Shedding Tears Anime~

For a person like me, sticking to an anime is quite hard especially when it didn't have strength points for me to stick to it. So, I thought I tried a movie instead of series, that's how I found out this one, an anime movie, Bungaku Shoujo or Literature Girl.

The protagonist of the story, Konoha Inoue, is a seemingly normal senior high 2nd year student. His high school life, other than a hinted incident 2 years ago, can be summed up as normal- if one can dismiss the secret fact that he used to be a female bestselling romance author. Due to that incident, however, he has now vowed never to write again.

This continued on until he was forced to join the literary club by the literary club president, the 3rd year female student Amano Touko, a beautiful girl who has a taste for eating literary works. Now he has been tasked with writing her snack every day after school.

Actually, the story is more than that. You could say Bungaku Shoujo is another typical romance drama, but the whole how the plot progress make you glued to your screen to get to know what is actually happening.

The protagonist, Inoue Konoha

While I was watching this anime, how it started, first thing came to my mind, "Owh, looks like another normal romance anime", but then, I find myself have gotten closer to the screen as the story goes. Who wouldn't? First, I thought the heroine have some sort of issues or something. Who the heck eat a piece of book page?? LOL. Okay, one of the important aspect you can find is how things going on in your life can really screw your head, big time. Hey, that's why we have psychological therapy, don't we? But, sadly enough, wounds like that can't be heal with words. It takes more than that. During that, friends one of the most important people to be by your side.
The book page eating heroine, Amano Touko!

The story actually rather seems weird when you followed through it since there's some flashback you totally know nothing about, but the mysteries and questions uncovered little by little. But the breath taking scene is totally worth how the story turned. And in the end the whole thing brought back to one conclusion; it's all about love and attention. (Wow, can't believed I typed that!).

One of the scene in the anime
 For those who enjoy anime and drama, I would recommend this anime. Find a good time to watch, it is a very well plotted, beautifully constructed story.

Bungaku Shoujo movie Theme

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