Spider Man Shattered Dimension Review

Hey, its been a while since I made a game review. Well, Spidey fans, prepare for the Spider Man: Shattered Dimension. The name should be a little obvious what its about. So, you might used to swing spidey around in its previous games, this time you get to swing with four different version of him from different dimensions So, actually what this is about??

To put it simple, a supervillain, Mysterio is after a powerful tablet that will make him more than just a lame illusionist. But the tablet broke into pieces and have been spread out across four dimensions. Fortunately, each dimension has its own version of Spider-Man. There's the Amazing Spider-Man, Ultimate Spider-Man, Noir Spidey and Spider-Man 2099. Each of em has their own set of skill, specialty and every other thing I forgot to mention~ ^_^

In this game, you'll find yourself (as spidey) embarks on a quest to search for the pieces of the Tablet of Order and Chaos and get to engage with familiar supervillain, Sand Man, HammerHead, Goblin, Octopus. It is an interesting thing that in that each spidey dimension have its own visual style. You get like a comic style visual in Amazing Spiderman World and a retro or old movie style world for Spider Man Noir...

To top it off, the gaming experience is actually brings back the memories of previous spidey game. But sadly not much of improvement. Yeah, it still an interesting fight though with the thugs and all but as you progress through the level, you find it... repetitive. But, what made me stayed with the game is the challenge it have in each level to unlock. Each level consist of 15 challenge which use to unlock skills and character abilities and even spidey alternate suit. Hey, who don't wanna fight bad guys with a paper bag custom, lol. I won't comment much on the plot, though, since it kinda straight forward. No twist and turns... It's not boring but at the same time less interesting.
What made me pissed of big time is that this game have a lot of issues that sometimes you get irritated. Did I mention that a higher grahpic setting could cause a key lag. Man, and I've been asking myself why the heck spidey jump was a bit later than my keypress. Not to mention, fricking camera position and some crash issues. But, after awhile, you may got used to it...
Well, Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions have plenty of good points. I mean, it a new thing with different dimension and different version of bad guys. I have to say, Beenox effort did pay off with this game although there is many issues going on. Hopefully they release a patch or fix so we can enjoy the game without getting irritated~ ^_^

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