Life Long Dream~

I always have been thinking what will I do in the future... This goes way back during my middle school. I've got plenty of weird plans I was so obsessed, yet none of it I actually put an effort to realize it...


Yeah, although I might not mention it to many people, but this was one of my "big dream". One of the things that made me wanna pursue this career is how movies moved me. I mean the whole story and everything, I find it so beautiful and I wished I can do something like that. Then, the other thing is the irritation of watching Malay drama. What they lack was the strength and twist of the plot, not to mention how bad they are with their videography skills (I'm pretty sure they just to lazy to move their camera around).


Why the heck Mangaka? Pretty obvious since I could draw, why not for a right career? I did fantasize my self working in some manga company and people would keep follow my comics, lol. Sometimes, I kept trying to improve the way I draw. I thought with this kind of drawing, it might not be good enough to make an anime. But, what made me gave up on this one is the lack of determination, I guess. As time goes, my time with drawing have become less and less. Not that I'm busy or anything, its just I didn't feel enjoyed as I used to. I think, that's when I got attracted to games and suddenly, hey I wish I could make something like


This must be one of the weirdest, irrelevant dream I had. But, when I thought about it. It pretty fun as journalist. Traveling around the globe, get to know other people's way and culture. I mean, see it with your own eyes instead of just from tv screen. Besides, going there mean you're able to do something for the people. I mean, maybe just a little I could lighten the burden of the people that suffering from starvation and those who were refugee from war and got nowhere to go. Dangerous and challenging but exciting. At least for me, anyway...


I do mention how I suddenly got interested with this. But, back then, games graphic and visual is not as beautiful as we find today. It's not exactly what you called a long life dream, it just I got attracted to RPG games like Final Fantasy, Chrono Cross. That kind of games, the kind where you decide how the story goes. It also fun since, the world in the games is wide for exploration. I t just come to me suddenly, I want to create as good as this. This thing became a hobby actually since I found a program that can create your own RPG games. So, I tested it out. Have to say it's quite challenging since you need to also understand programming the system. But, I guess it actually one of the most simple rpg maker tool for pc... ^_^


This career wasn't exactly in my long term plan in my life, though. But, bit by bit, I got interested in teaching. Even after I got into teacher institute, I didn't really interested on becoming one. But, time really does can change one person. I can't really describe what change my determination, though. Since, its every little things that kept me going all this time at the institute. Well, one of them is my families. Every time I felt like going, I kept whining to myself. But, then, there was always things kept me going. It's not a strong motivation but good enough for me to strive. You know, good friends, good lecturers, some times good influences might just be something that gonna support your back...

Meh, sometimes dream will have to remain dreams. I guess one thing worked out after all. ^_^

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